Thursday, November 18, 2010

J.E. Hoover's tactics back, courtesy of N.Pelosi's Congressional Ethics Office

20 term congressman C.Rangel convicted of 11 of 13 counts of charges by the Office of Congressional Ethics OCE, setup by N.Pelosi in 08 to target and nullify black inluential African American leaders. OCE's own lawyer was forced to admit he didnt see any prove of corruption. J.Hoover era tactique. Yesterday, he was denied a change in legal reps. he'd run out of money after paying $2 mill. +$ for lawyers.
Even if this is a Democratic. lead panel, it's a witchhunt.
I wonder what he did that brought down the wrath of this panel on him?
Oh yeah, that's right, he was a champion of the poor in New York City

Rep. Rangel Walks Out On Congress. Ethics Travesty.

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), yesterday walked out on the kangeroo-court hearing of the House Ethics Adjudicatory Subcommittee yesterday, saying that, "I respectfully remove myself," given that the circumstances and principle involved in the proceedings are unacceptable. He gave an eloquent explanation and left the chamber, soon after the hearing was begun.

At immediate issue was the fact that Mr. Rangel is without legal representation right now, which means—given that the Adjudicatory Subcommittee's session was to be on confirming the correctness of facts, in a huge body of recently filed material, they should not proceed if the Congressman is not properly advised and represented. However, the Subcommittee, and Chairman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) were on course to do so regardless.

Rangel addressed this head on. "Fifty years of public service is on the line. I truly believe that I'm not being treated fairly and that history will dictate that notwithstanding the political calendar, I am entitled to a lawyer during this proceeding."

The Subcommittee nonetheless, after a private executive session on the matter, proceeded on their railroading operation. Rangel's office issued a written statement this afternoon.

Yesterday's events throw new focus on Obama's backing for the assault on Rangel, and related operations against Maxine Waters and other veteran black Congressional leaders. Right after the July 22 release of the Statement of Alleged Violation (SAV), a formal list of 13 ridiculous charges against Rangel, Obama said that he hoped the Congressman would "end his career with dignity."

No Legal Representation

Rangel stressed many points about the railroading against him. "A week ago, 80 pages of what can be considered summary judgment was issued, which I think would indicate that this Committee may not be prepared to call witnesses, that this Committee was asked that a judgment be made based on admissions and exhibits." That is exactly what happened, later in the day.

Rangel ridiculed the rush by the Committee, after the two years of slowness. "What does it mean that we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and perhaps Congressional trips, preparing for the next Congress? How far does this go to a person not having counsel, not having due process, because we don't have time?

"Well, I think we ought to find the time. I'm prepared to stay here, to get counsel and to have a hearing on this."

Look at the particulars behind the lack of legal counsel. As Rangel said, "It took two years before this Statement of Alleged Violation was reported." He incurred $2 million in legal fees. Then, on Oct. 7, the Subcommittee finally informed him of the hearing date (Nov. 15). On Oct. 15, his attorneys told him they would need another $1 million to represent him at the hearing, and pulled out—informing the Committee even before their client! The Committee Chairman and Counsel knew this. But Chairman Lofgren sent Rangel a letter Oct. 22, saying that there is no reason for him not to have a lawyer.

The Committee rules don't allow him to have pro bono legal representation either. He can set up a legal fund, but that will take some time. Even if he can get a new legal team together, they will need time to get familiar with the 30,000 pages of testimony, 550 exhibits, and so on.

After Rangel told Lofgren this morning that he had to excuse himself from the proceedings, when she was trying to press him to formally ask for a continuance—the kind of legal action he said, as a citizen, he would not take without a lawyer acting for him, Subcommittee member G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), a judge for 15 years, intervened. Butterfield said that, "Even though the respondent did not specifically make a motion to continue this hearing, I deem his comments to be a motion to continue. And I would like this committee to seriously consider a motion to continue.... I served as a judge in my state for 15 years, and I know the importance of counsel, especially in—in this environment. And so I'm going to ask that we—we deem his statements to be a motion to continue and that we discuss it in executive session."

The Subcommittee did so; they met in private; they turned down the motion, and proceeded anyway as planned.

The Subcommittee Railroading
After Rangel left their proceedings, the Subcommittee continued with their intended railroad agenda, which in short, did the following. They heard from Committee Counsel Blake Chisam, who entered over 550 exhibits, and testified that "the facts are the facts" relating to the 13 charges against Rangel, and they should be accepted by the Subcommittee, and sent on to the full Ethics Committee for that body to rule on the law involved, then recommend punishment.

A telling moment occurred when, under questioning from Rep. Butterfield, committee's lawyer was compelled to admit that he "had seen no evidence of corruption," nor any evidence that Rangel attempted to use his Congressional position to enrich himself. The worst that he could claim, was that Rangel was "overzealous" in some things he had done, and that Rangel was "sloppy" in his personal finances.
Nonetheless, after a private executive session, Lofgren reported that the Subcommittee did officially find that there was "No genuine issue of material fact" in dispute regarding the basis for the Statement of Alleged Violation by Rangel. So after a three-minute public session to report that judgment, the Subcommittee then once again resumed its private deliberations, this time to consider each of the 13 points separately, on whether there is "clear and convincing evidence" that any of the counts have been proved as a matter of law, and then to report them to the full Ethics Committee for follow-up against Rangel.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The meaning and roots of "Austrian School"

When Rand Paul demands austerity, he always says this is how the Austrian School has explained economics to him. In an interview last Sunday, for example, Paul pointed to the Austrian School of Economics outlet, the Cato Institute. He praised Cato's Christopher Edwards for urging the destruction of NASA, Medicare, and Social Security.

The Austrian School is embraced by the European oligarchy in its relentless push for universal fascism.

Let us further situate the foreign enemy which has possessed Rand Paul's mind, the Austrian School economists, and their origin in the Hapsburg-British imperial war against the United States of America.

In 1876 the Hapsburg Emperor Franz Joseph hired Carl Menger (1840-1921), who would become known as the founder of the Austrian School, as tutor to his son, Crown Prince Rudolph. Menger took Prince Rudolph around Europe for three years, acquainting him with the quandary facing the undead feudalist Hapsburg family and their Austro-Hungarian Empire.

- Republic or Empire? -

The United States had recently survived the rebellion of the slave-owners, rebels armed and instigated by the British. The American republic had survived despite the pincers, Rudolf's Uncle Maximilian being put on an imperial throne over Mexico, and British troops occupying Canada.

And Abraham Lincoln's America had counterattacked, by spreading nationalism, protectionist economics, and the drive for modern industry and technological progress, to Germany, Russia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and many other nations.

Carl Menger explained to the Prince how the old feudal oligarchy of bankers and autocrats might maintain their death grip on humanity, against America's energy.

The old form of empire was breaking down. The Inquisition, the New Dark Ages religious police state imposed by the Hapsburgs on Europe, could not stand against the American ideal of separated Church and State. Austrian forces, occupying Italian principalities with mass imprisonment and executions, and Austrian sponsorship of the feudalism-mad Pope Pius IX, could not prevail against Emilio Cavour's genius. An ally of Lincoln's economist Henry Carey, Cavour unified Italy just as Lincoln became the U.S. President.

A new imperialism was required, based on global financial looting and new forms of colonial regimes outside Europe.

Carl Menger explained the new Liberal economics, worked out in concert with the British Empire.

Menger warned the Prince that the enemy doctrine of national sovereignty had spread from the arch-nationalist Lincoln to German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who copied Lincoln's tariffs and railroad-building strategy.

- The Liberal Darkness -

Menger's new dogma, that the State must not be allowed to interfere with financial freedom — the right of imperial financiers to deploy their Money Power — took its place beside other "liberal" anti-republican instruments forged in the Hapsburgs' crypts: pessimism in literature, soulless psychology, deliberate ugliness in art, crazed atonality to overpower Mozart's and Beethoven's beauty. (Carl Menger's brother, the socialist attorney Anton Menger, crystallized this assault on reason and progress into what became known as the Frankfurt School.)

Germans reacted to Menger's polemics against Lincoln and Bismarck by referring derisively to the "Austrian School" — meaning those who argue for the presumed logic of imperial Free Trade economics while declining to discuss any actual history whatsoever. This is the origin of the term, Austrian School, which has identified Menger's disciples such as Hayek and von Mises, Rand Paul's brainwashers.

Here is the Money Power against which the USA has struggled throughout its history.

In Menger's day, the extended royal family of Austria, Britain, and Belgium coordinated with international bankers for nightmare colonial experiments, such as the Congo.

Belgian King Leopold II had married Marie Henriette, archduchess of Austria. Emperor Franz Joseph's brother Maximillian had married Leopold II's sister Carlotta.

Meanwhile, Leopold II's father, Leopold I, had arranged the marriage of his niece, British Queen Victoria, to his nephew Albert.

When Menger's student, Austrian Crown Prince Rudolph, married Leopold II's daughter Stephanie in 1881, she was the heir to the Congo, a giant province of central Africa which her father had made his private property. The Belgian Congo was the scene of such brutality and mass extermination of looted natives, that it has stood since then as the very emblem of the disgrace of latter-day imperialism.

To the present day, the Austrian School and its agents condemn as tyranny Lincoln's insistence that the Union be preserved. The Von Mises Insitute's paid writer Thomas DiLorenzo, in his hilariously misnamed book The Real Lincoln, defends secession and claims that slavery would have ended peacefully if only the United States had been successfully destroyed.

In the last chapter of Friedrich von Hayek's book, The Road to Serfdom, Hayek demands that national governments be prevented from interfering with international trade: a global police force must be set up, to usher in the final world empire of Free Trade.

This is the heritage and rationale of the Austrian School, which teaches Rand Paul that neither the American nor any other people have the right to defend their lives and their families against the Money Power.

Friday, November 12, 2010

California : from 6th economy of the world to model of socio/economic destruction

Just over one month after the fascist Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, announced that he had, once again, solved California's ongoing budget crisis, the Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) announced new figures, showing an even-bigger crisis looming for fiscal year 2011-12. The warning from the LAO included the news that 6.1 billion dollars of the 25.4 billion shortfall will occur in the present year's budget, which ends June 30, 2011. This news prompted Schwarzenegger, who has been engaging, successfully, in the "creative destruction" of the state government, to call a special session, to begin on December 6.

The lying Schwarzenegger told reporters, "While California's economy appears to be showing signs of stabilizing, our job creation and revenues are still lagging." Arnie has repeated virtually the same phrase each year since he assumed the office of Governor -- yet revenues and job creation continue to "lag," or rather, collapse, as California is leading the way in the complete unravelling of the U.S. physical economy, which is then reflected in the decline in revenues, and increased expenses to cover the costs of those who have lost jobs, homes, health insurance, pensions, etc..

The budget "deal" which Arnie rammed through last month included expectations that there would be at least 5.4 billion dollars in federal aid for the state. In fact, Obama's so-called stimulus plan provided only 1.9 billion. It was further revealed that, as this news service correctly pointed out when the "deal" was signed, that nearly one-third of the expected revenues and "savings" which were incorporated in the new budget never materialized, thus adding to the "new" crisis.

In fact, Schwarzenegger has never, once, attempted to "solve" the budget crisis. He was put in office by senior Austrian School fascist George Shultz, for the explicit purpose of the enacting the "creative destruction" of the state government of California. Each successive budget crisis has been "solved" by more cuts, each time more draconian, and more deadly, while ripping away chunks of the protective elements of the state's social service sector. The state and local governments have, in the last year, been forced to enact savage cuts in police and fire protection, education, social welfare, infrastructure, and health care expenditures, while waiting for the "recovery" to kick in.

Thus far, newly-elected Governor Jerry Brown -- a Democrat, whose election occurred as a repudiation of Schwarzenegger -- has offered no program, or ideas, for dealing with the continued crumbling of the state