Thursday, January 28, 2010

They Want to Take Your Sovereignty Away

January 25, 2010 --

On Jan. 17, the London Daily Telegraph's star economics columnist Ambrose Evans Pritchard reported on current British imperial strategy for the world in the starkest terms: the final elimination of all national sovereignty. Pritchard, commenting on a European Central Bank draft document which rewrites the Europe Union treaty, reported that they are proposing "a new 'legal order' that transcends a 'largely obsolete concept of sovereignty' and imposes a 'permanent limitation' on the states' rights." Pritchard added that EU nations will be instructed to destroy their economies, and "if they fail to marshal public support for draconian austerity, they risk being cast into Icelandic oblivion."

Shortly after it appeared, the Daily Telegraph suppressed the Evans Pritchard article, pulling it from its web site altogether. What is involved is not some minor, journalistic scandal.

People were scared enough to force an Evans Pritchard piece to be suppressed, after it appeared. Evans Pritchard says the British policy is one of imperialism—no national sovereignty. There is no sovereignty of nations anymore. And what he said is the truth, and that's the issue they don't want discussed. So therefore, in that case, don't be na├»ve, don't play by the so-called rules. Recognize what they are afraid of, and give them their worst nightmare.

They don't want to talk about this article? Well, we want to talk about this article. Why did you guys suppress this article? What wrong with it? He's right. There is no sovereignty left in Europe. And that is exactly what they intend for the United States as well, and for the rest of the world.

There's a drive in the United States to create a congressional commission on "deficit reduction"—i.e. to implement austerity by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other entitlements, especially for the elderly. If they take away your sovereignty, and give the authority to a commission which is outside the process of formal legislation, and you buy it, there's nothing you can do to stop them.

Those who are promoting such policies "are committing treason," They are proposing to destroy the sovereignty of the United States, and to subject the U.S. to an international system which is an international empire, which is a new British Empire. All these fellows who support this stuff are obscenely attracted to the British Empire, which has already destroyed the sovereignty of the nations of Europe. If you do this, we don't have any sovereignty. And if you're doing this despite these facts, you are in fact committing treason, and at least most Americans will see it as such

The issue of the reappointment of Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve, is another such illustrative case of the drive to wipe out U.S. sovereignty. If you want to stop the Bernanke reappointment then you've got to scare the bastards. The way you scare the bastards, is you appeal to the voters, you appeal to the constituency on the fact that they are taking their sovereignty away. If they take their sovereignty away, they haven't got a chance.

That constituency is now in motion in a mass strike process which was most recently expressed in the Massachusetts senatorial election results . You've got to realize that we have done something, in the political process, which was demonstrated again more clearly in Massachusetts. That development in Massachusetts is the reality, not the breaking news developments as such.

We should be warned against being distracted by "issues" which the enemy puts before our noses, and thereby lose the real war. "People make the characteristic mistake of assuming that the current news is what you have to respond to, in order to be 'credible.' I know that to be 'credible' you have to take the enemy by surprise and hit him precisely on the issue they don't wish to talk about. The issue is: what is the solution? What's the solution, not what's the issue. Fighting against the issue is the loser's game. You fight for the solution, not against the bad news. We've reached a point where we cannot afford to make this mistake, because we're in a point where we can win this fight, if we don't get sucked into changing the subject. So don't play populist dumb games. It's how the enemy wins. It's the same way that people lose wars all the time."

"You have got to understand emotionally, as well as intellectually acknowledging things, that you are talking about the extinction of civilization as we have known it. And this is coming up now."

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