Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meadows Gives A Hint: Food Shortages and Lethal Viruses Will Do the Job

December 15, 2009

Dennis Meadows, the population control fanatic who in recent interviews claimed he could not hurt a single fly, gave a hint, however, how the target of a world population of 1-2 billion—which he defined as "ideal"—could be reached. At a Berlin coneference on Nov. 30-Dec. 1, which has not been much publicized, Meadows said in his presentation:

"I will use climate as an example. It is not the first limit to growth experienced on the planet. Rather it is the first limit to threaten the rich countries. Thus it is the first to attract urgent attention from the powerful countries. It is not a problem. Rather it is a symptom. It will not long be the principal concern. Rather we will be focussed on some other limit 3-5 years from now—energy scarcity, food shortages, the spread of a lethal virus, or some other. But if we do not succeed in controlling climate change, we will not have the chance to deal with other limits."

The conference, "Better Rather than More—Wealth in the 21st Century," was organized by the Denkwerkzukunft foundation, set up by the notoriously anti-growther Meinhard Miegel. In addition to Meadows and Miegel, speakers there were Kurt Biedenkopf and Tim Jackson (U.K.), among others. Miegel also had an interview with the telepolis website Dec. 14, in which he "forecast" that the financial-economic crisis will deepen and reach its high point and explode maybe in 2015, with inflation (rather: hyperinflation) included.

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