Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Modern Romance - Can You Move

another proof that " I dunno shit ?'... Was listening to a set by F.Knuckles from the '80s at the Warehouse or The Power Plant, one of his two classic Chi-Town residencies and I heard this extremely funky cut with a strong Salsa influence in which the singer-rapper kept goin on about "can u move, can u move, can u move to this Latin groove"... I was like "what the fuck is that yo? I'm from Nueva York"... (..can't move to the Latin beat anyways but still I love a real Salsa beat...then I asked my disco historian connect. in Bologna, Mr. Luca Trevisi, he hadda know, and of course he did , he was like "Sounds like u talking about Modern Romance"..that's right, an all white group from Britain who came from the punk rock new-wave side of things !! who'd have known ?

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