Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SPIRIT BAND- keep your love alive

Some enormous orig. electro funk breakbeat jam that doesn't let go... its from The Bronx 1981... I got a 12" mix that's 11minutes... and that b-beat doesn't stop ...never !! "My love for you is getting deeper, my resistance for you is gettin weaker, Keep it alive, keep your love alive !

Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom

This is a classic break-dance jam ... naturally a NYC thingy and a staple in DJ's crates... the prod. was a super young keyboard player that programmed the synth for Stevie's "journey throught the secret life of plants" LP..this kid was 16yrs old when he sat in for the recording of Stevie's "Songs in the key of life" LP ..

Mary Wells - Gigolo (EPIC)

Mary Wells a soul singer that killed the floors with this mega disco funk jam prod by the Mizell Bros... wait til the groove drops after the intro at 50secs


This is a prod. by August Darnell after he moved to London in the early 80's ...August Darnell is the super talented prod. band leader from KID CREOLE & The COCONUTS, DR BUZZARD'S ORIGINAL SAVANNAH BAND etc...

MANTUS dance it freestyle rhythm (SATELLITE MUSIC INT.)

this extendend intro is's from NYC in 1979 and I think this might be one of the very 1st mixing worx that Jellybean Benitez did Killer !

Sandstorm - La Bionda 1978

Ok here I got to write native !!

I fratelli LA BIONDA (aka D.D. SOUND) 2 Italiani ke hanno fatto carriera e sono pionieri della disco Italiana..parecchi anni prima ke esistesse il termine Italo-Disco, le bombe di D.D. SOund, La Bionda, Giorgio, Munich Machine, Capricorn, Easy Going, Kasso etc distruggevano le piste da ballo delle disco + all'avanguardia nel mondo..... anche loro vivevano a Monaco di Baviera in quei tempi (come Giorgio M.)..Produssero anche i famosissimi brani dei Righeira


I never stop finding another awesome 12" on PRELUDE Rcds... Probably the most essential NYC label for 80s electronic-disco-boogie...and that's where Mr. F.Kevorkian started his career doing remixes, a&r or whatever... a ton of Preludes 12"s I have have FK has the mixer... this one has the DUB mix on the B side

Karen Silver - Nobody Else (QUALITY Rcds)

How funky is this groove ?... Very if Mr Gino Soccio is producing your track ! I believe the singer is a Canadian like Gino... The 12" I got of this doesn't have an instr. though ..that would be even better but a great vox tk nonetheless..

FLAKES - Sugar Frosted Lover ©1980 (MAGIC DISC Rcds)

A recent find.. never heard this artist before but with the instr. on the b side and its hot !!

The System - You Are in My System

Classic NYC snappy electro-r&b-disco hit... amazing bassline !!

The Whatnauts - Help Is On The Way (HARLEM INTERNATIONAL)

This one is soo classic I think even house pets and probably roaches too be dancing to this one !! .. One of the songs that begot many other classix by sampling etc...

again, backing track and the lyrics, lyrics !!!

We need some help on the way, and we don't need worries but...

Divine Sounds - What people do for money

Super Classic original eldctro joint from Brooklyn,NY early 80's... ridiculous jam, with typically conscious lyrics of old school rap... xtra strong track with uplifting verses.. what more could u need ?? ..I knoow...

"might sound sad, it might sound funny, but that's what ppl do for the money.."

Holger Czukay "Photo Song"

Another one from TURIACO's shop in Padova... I think this is pretty rare by now and the song is so strong ..nobody has a problem with it you ?... I mean this guy and his music..fuggetaboutit !! Holger Czukay 4EVER !

Clarence Carter ---- Messin' With My Mind

This is one of the 12" I found at that shop in Padova, TURIACO (Via Tiziano Aspetti) ... fantastic song ? You messing with my mind never gets old !

Modern Romance - Can You Move

another proof that " I dunno shit ?'... Was listening to a set by F.Knuckles from the '80s at the Warehouse or The Power Plant, one of his two classic Chi-Town residencies and I heard this extremely funky cut with a strong Salsa influence in which the singer-rapper kept goin on about "can u move, can u move, can u move to this Latin groove"... I was like "what the fuck is that yo? I'm from Nueva York"... (..can't move to the Latin beat anyways but still I love a real Salsa beat...then I asked my disco historian connect. in Bologna, Mr. Luca Trevisi, he hadda know, and of course he did , he was like "Sounds like u talking about Modern Romance"..that's right, an all white group from Britain who came from the punk rock new-wave side of things !! who'd have known ?

Bill Withers - You got the stuff (Long Version)

Actually I don't own this one as it's an expensive one... The second half of this tune is the killer instrumental break that goes on for a few min and which was one of the first EDITS released by Harvey and his partner in the early '90s with his BLACK COCK 12" ...that's as rare and expensive as the orig. 12"...Harvey and BALCK COCK were most likely the originators of the post-disco "edits" trend that's why Harvey got mad respect in the first place... besides being a selector of impeccable taste..

T-Connection - Take it To The Limit

Now you'll understand I dunno shit !! This is actually my ver 1st T Connect. 12" Very successful group from the Sidney Poitier, Wally Badarou, The Compass Point All Stars etc.. .... act-like-u-know !!


All I knew and had from this Jazz horn player disco-funk artist was "Funkin for Jamaica/Fungimama" ...2 superb disco-funk-boogie jams... then I found this which is even more on the electro jazz disco funk vocoder breakbeat tip !!


I found this a few mos back, a classic super early electro hip-hop on ENJOY Rcds. prod by pioneer drum machine don Pumpkin using a Kraftwerk's from 1982 but it's still 'rocking it' !!