Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Padova, its great history and dope deadstock wax finds all in one !!!

Teatro Anatomico @ Palazzo del Bo' (Uni. of Padua) : 1st place where, since 1594 they studied the human body by dissecting it... it was also highly illegal so they had to mostly do it in the dark using minimum lighting with handheld torches and smuggled corpses through that opening at the bottom... it's a remarkable wooden ampytheater-like structure that, considering torches were used for lighting and the fact that many of the students passed out (holding the torches), it has miraculously survived 5+ centuries without ever catching fire !!

Spent only one week in Padua with my fam. but I was able to see a few of my good old chaps, and another few not so good but what was I gon do ?... ahah ! seriously, only (semi)jokin !

anyways..thnx to Yero, this Cuban kid who took me to this music shop in the Arcella area of Padova that's been there for 30yrs...I didn't know it as when I left in '93 I'd stopped buying vinyl by then...but at 15, way back in 1991 (can't believe it) after having been at a couple of raves in the LA area, Marina del Rey and LAX airport, then back in Italy I was listening to ton of stuff and dancing like mad in the various clubs of Jesolo and around my home region of the Veneto (Sei-Sei near Treviso ? Il Gatto e La Volpe near Rovigo ? The Gilda After-Hrs (6am-noon) in Jesolo, Venice?). The owner of this store is a Brasilian music selector, but his store is jampacked with old vinyl that's been there for ages, 20 plus yrs. deadstock wax I can easily presume it's not even being looked at by the locals...I spent a couple of hrs and found a few, actually many classix I had to have...from 70's bits like the 10" of GIL SCOTT's "Winter in America" b/w "The revolution will not be..." and many 80's pcs like a V.A. FULL TIME Rcds. 12" with CHARLY "Spacer Woman", one of the ultra dope Italo jams playlisted by the cooler-than-thou DJs...

... for jazz lovers there's a great disco cover of J.Coltrane "Love Supreme" done by the Bigazzi Bros of Materiali Sonori Rcds. as GIOVANOTTI MONDANI MECCANICI w/ A.Robotnick (M.Dami) ..for ppl in the NY music area it's intersting to note the trumpet credit to be Fabio Morgera, an Italian musicain who I know has been in NY for many yrs... He must've been extremely young as the rcd is from 1983 !

....the only tk released in the past 15yrs is an unreleased white label off the next 12" from Venice's MORPHINE Rcds (http://www.morphinerecords.com) , Doser008 (word !!) by HIEROGLYPHIC BEING (JAMAL MOSS) who's giving us this "Gargle" tk that's like a daisy-cutter bomb of a track (The purpose for a daisy-cutter is primarily to maximize blast damage on the surface of a target)..not for everyone... certainly not for min. techno groupies ! its more like maximal techno with all that distortion but call it what u will

at the end I put an exceprpt from that great Sam Peckinpah film, "The Killer Elite" with J.Caan and R.Duvall..the part starts wiuth the girl asking :

"Got lots of girls ?" he goes "Oh yeah, tons of them, I send my extras to Turkey for harem duty" !!! e lei "I'm a virgin !" e lui "That's very nice, but I really don't have time for your confessions right now....look kid, tell you the truth, I really don't give a shit aight" !.....great lines !!!


1-IMAGINATION "New Dimension" OUTRO w/ "New Dimension" (ELECTRO MIX)
2-DEPRO ART "Young World"
5-BAND OF JOCKS "Good Times (Rmx)"
9-PET SHOP BOYS "West End Girls" (12" Mix)
10-WAS (NOT WAS) Feat. - G LOVE E "Papa was a rolling stone"
11-GINA X "Harley Davidson"
13-DIGITAL GAME "With or without" (ALEX NOVAGA RMX)
14-ELEKTRIK FUNK "On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)" (INSTR. VERSION)
15-THE SYSTEM "You Are In My System (Bilingual Dub Version)"
16-HIEROGLYPHINC BEING "Gargle" (from MORPHINE Rcds Doser008 "The Bathroom Sessions Select" Ep

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