Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peech Boys - On a journey & "Dance Sister (Biofeedback)"

"Attenzione, attenzione, signorina, vai, vai, vai a viaggiare !!!"

Yeah, shame on me, but I got my 1st NYC PEECH BOYS 12" last week, "Dance Sister (Biofeedback)" cowritten and prod. with Bernard Fowler of TACKHEAD !!!! My friend Eddy a few yrs back invited me to check the show of one of his fave bands at Bowery Ballroom : B.Fowler's heavy industrial-dub outfit TACKHEAD with Keith Leblanc, Doug Wimbish and Skip Mcdonald as backing band and Adrian Sherwood on production. Incredible avant-dub-funk ...

then I found out B.Fowler was also Larry Levan's partner in this classic Garage days prod. team.

Bernard Fowler has also been a long time Rolling Stones vocalist, singing backups and touring with them.

Enjoy !

NYC PECH BOYS "Dance Sister (Biofeedback)"

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