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THE MISSED CHANCE OF 1989 Part-1 (as of 09-25 Pt2 has also been released)

Ever wondered how it is that with all these Harvard trained captains of industries, chiefs of finances from London School of Economics with multi PhDs , Uni. of Chicago's Free-Traders (shouldn't they be known as Free-Traitors by now ?) miracle workers (like the Chicago Boys of Chile's Pinochet's dictatorship ?), their NY-Times Thomas Friedmans , "The End of History" dogma of Francis Fukuyama (history ended in 1989 for Fukuyama and many others) Al Gore's environmentalism from hell, (WWF founder Prince Phillip said in his own words that if he could reincarnate, he'd love to be back as a virulent virus that hopefully would kill billions, so to help the earth deal with the unnecessary and very dangerous overpopulation problem ?) or like Bertrand Russel, who went from advocating the use of nuclear weapons and biological warfare to control and contain foreign distant populations to, when it was known the Soviets were developing their own nuke program, becoming THE face of pacifism, even credited as the inventor of the "Peace" sign ??... so many still defend him saying "Yes but he changed his views later " ! What ? Should we have given the Fuhrer a chance to repent ? like saying "Poor Hitler, he really thought it was for the good of all ??" ! Does he or Stalin look that bad compared to these greenies ? (the point I'm tryin to make is that environmenatlism for these ppl is a cover for arrested development and the conservation of resources. It always has been, since the Harriman's promotion of the eugenics movement. And btw, the story with Al Gore (incredibly researched and ongoing dossiers on Al Gore's story here !: ) is that all the while he won his Oscar and became an hero of that movement, he started a partnership with a British investment banker where he has huge financial stakes, that is bound to reap millions off this "carbon-swaps" business. For more info on carbon-swaps So all he's doing is making sure his City of London financial venture is gonna end up a successful !!) Another of the WWF founders, Prince Bernhard, was a member of the Nazi Party (from our godgiven trikypedia, please notice the very careful specifications and my underscores of the most ironic phrases : "the Sturmabteilung and a special branch of the SS called the "Reiter SS"- an equestrian sporting organisation. The Prince was not a Nazi by conviction; these memberships made life easier for an ambitious young man. People defending the Prince have stated that membership was necessary to be a student (!). The Prince later denied these well-documented memberships. Whatever the case, (ah trikypedia .."whatever the case" !) he was not politically active (ahaah ...he, the founder of the Bilderberg Group !) and although this German aristocrat was never a fierce champion of democracy, (eheeh ...trikypedia again !!!) there are no accounts of him ever having made fascist or anti-semitic remarks. (ahahaha !!)

so more and more ppl are (not so) fast realizing these incredible minds ( a-la Al Gore, Hitler & Co) are committin fraud upon frauds ? You think it's just an endless succession of individuals being individually corrupted by the lure of power and their ambitious characters ? or are u beginning to think maybe it is not a case of "systematic" corruption but a "systemic" issue ? meaning the problem is not in the persons being corrupted but in the system itself ? Cause if you watch those videos made by kids of max 25yrs of age (no, its not the ones from the "Loose Change" film !) from the Youth Movement of L.La Rouche (oh, i can picture your chins have dropped already, ehh ! I'm hearing it "you dupe, it's a "cult" stupid ! It was written in thousands of articles in the most respected daily newspapers, like the Wall Street Urinal, the NY-Times , the Washington Post, it must be true !!! La Rouche is a Nazi-Fascist, I read it in the papers, saw it on TV !!! You are crazy to listen to that crazy guy, he's a con man, was even convicted and put in federal prison ! ... Ok, that tells me you def. know a thing or two.....maybe three ??!! Actually, in a span of a few yrs, there were at least 1500 articles published on LLR and his movement, in newspapers in the US but also around the world. They were all very efficient and damaging to himself and his movement and they all said the same things. LLR, the cult leader, anti-semitic, fascist or Marxist cosnpiracy theorist who heads a movement of young students across America to try to brainwash the population with their subversive theories and defraud old ladies of their pension money to advance their political agendas......Damn'it I'm sorry but I'll try to give u a lowdown so then you can pretend you always knew !? The ol' crazy guy has been persona-non-grata in the mainstream of everything that is today's mainstream, since 1971 when he debated pubblicly a supporter of British Free-Trade economics; The magic in the market, the "invisible hand" theory, the "Private Vices for Public Benefits" concept of 18th century's Bernard Mandeville and his satanist accolades. When he debated eminent Keynesian economist Abba Lerner at Queens College in '71, LLR shrewdly drove him to basically out himself as a supporter of Nazi Economc Minister Hjalmar Schacht, who directed the German economy before Hitler, which then he also helped a great deal in consolidating his power. Schacht was a close friend of Bank of England Montagu Norman, not the staunchest "protector of the general welfare" concept of the pre-amble of the US Consitution . So that day in Queens, LLR had pubblicly won the debate against one of the leading economists of the era, but, as the philospher Sidney Hook witnessed and later commented, LLR had also guaranteed he will not ever be invited to discuss on serious economic or other issues. Never. Again. And LLR never got a degree ! On economics or else !

Then LR, through his network of investigative historians and reporters, commissioned a study and the publication of a book, which became the infamous "Dope Inc. : the book that drove Kissinger crazy" .. that book tells the history of the drug, arms and the real Murder Inc. backers by studying the background of some of the biggest financial institutions and corporations in our society.. by "following the money" they pretty much got the "dope on dope" + much more... after the book was translated in Spanish it caused a media storm in nations like Venezuela, where some of the dirtiest Wall Steet and City of London-linked banking families reside and which have a major involvement in holding the profits of the drug and weapons cartels. And that initiated a domino effect which brought Henry Kissinger to wield his rising influence in the US halls of gvmt to press for a suppression of the activities of that "dangerous" (yeah but for whom ??) La Rouche organization and publications. But in the trial set up in Boston, it looked as the jury was gonna call LR and his assoc. indicted for various crimes, not guilty of all charges. According to the Boston Herald of May 5, 1988, one of the jurors described the poll: "It seemed some of the government's people caused the problem, adding that the evidence showed that people working on behalf of the government 'may have been involved in some of this fraud to discredit the campaign.'" But a retrial was rescheduled with a move to another state and county, and the court they chose was one known as a "rocket docket", because it speeds even complicated cases without delay. LLR and many assoc. were sent to jail, some of them getting sentenced to 77yrs ! In jail LR spent time with disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker who later wrote of his astonishment at LaRouche's detailed knowledge of the Bible. According to Bakker, LaRouche also received a daily briefing each morning by phone, often in German. Bakker reports that on more than one occasion LaRouche had information days before it was reported on the network news. Bakker also writes that his cellmate was paranoid and convinced that their cell was bugged.

One of LaRouche's appeals attorneys was former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. In a 1995 letter to then-Attorney General Janet Reno, he said that the case involved :

"a broader range of deliberate and systematic misconduct and abuse of power over a longer period of time in an effort to destroy a political movement and leader, than any other federal prosecution in my time or to my knowledge." (RAMSEY CLARK was not a friend or even sympathizer of LLR)

He asserted that :

"The government, ex parte, sought and received an order (Kissinger 's gone crazy !) effectively closing the doors of these publishing businesses, all of which were involved in First Amendment activities, effectively preventing the further repayment of their debts.".

LaRouche was released on parole in 1994 after serving 5 of his 15yrs sentence. Others in his movement, like Michael Billington, a South-Asian expert (who spent yrs in Indo-China being in as part of the Peace Corps), remained in jail a total of 10yrs for basically refusing to compromise and angering the judges.

AND NOW, AFTER THE BIG WOE ON WALL STREET, MR. PAULSON AND HIS Plunge.Protection.Team (more like a scheme) has put :
The foxes in charge of the chicken coop

Welcome to the 21st century Neon Dark Ages
The Fed is The Feud and its Global Feudalism Plan
is turn the whole world into a ghetto !

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